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Science Databases

Science Databases from NYPL and or BPL

In order to access the following databases you must first go to or

Once you select the database you can access it by using your library barcode number.

Database Search Basics

Don’t forget to use Boolean search terms AND, NOT and OR for searches using more than one search term.


Ex. Sleep “and” Caffeine- gives you articles that contain the word Sleep and also contain the word Caffeine (most common way to use two or more search terms together)


Ex. Sleep “not” Caffeine- gives you articles that contain the word Sleep but NOT the word Caffeine

(a good way to limit your search)


Ex. Sleep “or” Caffeine- gives you articles that contain either the word Sleep or the word Caffeine or both Sleep and Caffeine in the same article. (this will give you the most results)

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